Sunday, July 27, 2008

First year at college - check :)

It has been almost a year since I enrolled in college on (03.10.2007) which was the begining of a new year at university . And I can proudly say that I have passed my first year with flying colors .

I am so glad that one year has passed…. Time passes so quickly…

So congratulations to all students whether in college or in school , congratulations to all those who work hard and study hard. Congratulations to all those who want something and go for it.

Inshalla I will keep going… and inshalla I will keep my GPA …


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ok people… I am so sorry!! I want redbulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!

TOP PHOTO: the back result :P

TOP PHOTO: missing button :P

I am dyeing from boredom, mayeswa 3aleena summer vacation … now I am so freakin bored I am craving redbull. Sorry to all those who relied on me … but I am not officially back on redbull yet!

And oooh one more thing I was so bored that I was actually excited about sowing a button on my abaya , I was missing a very essential location button . so what I did was I removed the button one so I can use it on the missing area…

TOP PHOTO: sowing procedure TOP PHOTO: sowing kit! i found in my office !
TOP PHOTO: sowing procedure (keep going)

It takes like about fifteen minutes to remove the button because it is sowed on so tightly. And now I begin the process of place the thread into the needle hole, I believe now that If I wasn’t crossed eyes – I became :P lol!!

I kind of have a tilted eye : its what you can say (off- center) lol!!

TOP PHOTO: final result with brown thread:P
TOP PHOTO: original button stuck on the other side of the abaya :(

So I start the sowing procedure and I am kind of mastering it …

After I was done removing and replacing – I try to close the button … guess what I found out!!

The original button was stuck on the other side of the abaya – let me demonstrate for you with a picture …

Sunday, July 20, 2008

my last visit to the pet shop

It is so sad but they said that they were going to demolish the pet shop in Al Naser St. they probably want to build a mall there… I used to go to that pet shop ever since I was a little girl.
It feels like a part of childhood is being taken away. Those big changes are just not always so fun!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Just another add to my blog :P

this is a picture that I took for a man who was wandering around our neighbors house looking in the window... using his telephone... I know I watch alot of CSI but it better to be safe than to be careful I was like ...hey...rafeek... jeeb jeeb bitaka mal enta and yaby shoof:P

so smart as I am !! I had my camera with me...and I took a photo of it...fedeet al technology :P

This is how I delivered my latest project.. I gift rapped it huh !

I was sneaking out of both of my bosses weren’t there … heading to Beirut restaurant with a friend… and we saw this very cute scene …
I hope my boss is not reading this...
its been so loooong since the last time I cooked... I was making some chinese noodles with vegetables...
I know... u think there is a lot of onion... but the onion is not only for one dish...some for the chicken and some for the noodles...

what a mess!!!
they weren't so good:(

Thursday, July 3, 2008


So finally I watched the movie sex and the city, man!!! I was dying to watch and now I feel like whyyyyyyyyyy did the movie have to end?? It was amazing, mixed emotions all across the movie. I didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh. It was just everything I was looking for in a movie. It was I expected and more. Look I am addicted to that show, I watched it over and over again… so imagine how many times I will be watching the movie.. So let me tell you exactly the scenario of how and where and why…

When I first knew that there was going to be a movie was like I think in 2006, so imagine how long I have waited… and then I kept on searching and searching for the premier dates or any type of photo that will indicate what was going to happen in the movie…

Then I heard that will be an early premier so the fans can see it before it will officially open. So I searched and searched and found out that it was going to premier in London on the 15 of may , I am not sure. So the plan was to travel to London as I usually do every summer and make there on time for the movie.

But…noooo… last minute changes made us change the complete plan and we ended up going to hong kong… So everyday there I was looking for the movie , maybe I will find a cinema copy or something… but no sign of it… so on the way to the airport heading home to Qatar , I see this Double Decker Bus and what does it have on it?????? THE AD FOR THE MOVIE PRIMIER… you can imagine my frustration ….

Anyways long story short!! I finally watched last night… it was time well spent…

Now I will let you with some photos and the link to the SATC movie – official website. And some sneak peaks …enjoy!


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