Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Closing a chapter in life .

You wake up every day , doing almost the same thing day after day.
And then suddenly change happens ,it’s not always a bad thing sometimes you just need to turn the page and start a new one.
It’s been two years since I freelanced for them, they were challenging and exciting two years. I have learned a lot and gained a lot.
When I first got the news I thought omg what did I do wrong , but I realized its just time to move on whether for me or them .

I started to freelance for them since August 2010 , and now its June 2012, time just passes you by like a storm.

Fair well my dear friends.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Five Years

In couple of days , I will have spent five complete years at my current job . Days fly and you don’t even notice them. Year after year you are changing , growing up , understanding life in a better way… or let me put it this way: "become wiser" , knowing what you need and going for it , realizing what is important and what isn’t.

I have learned a lot in the last couple of years… people change whether you like it or not, feelings come and go , and respect becomes a major concern while a time back you were this humble person who didn’t even bother to think about it twice !

People change with time, and so do relationships …loved ones, friends, even family !

I think to myself have I made the right choices ? did I think wisely? What was I thinking? I wish I reacted better!

In the end you are what are and you can’t change the past , you just look forward to the future and wish that you learned from your mistakes!

Anyway. It’s weird- I feel like I matured a TON this week.


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