Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bamoot mn alhotness

this is what I have office wall.... I hate my office ... the freakin AC refuses to work...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mood Swings

I am sick of waiting , sick of asking, sick or pretending , sick of thinking positive, ya3nee I just want to just turn my brain off for at least a month.

You know …live the moment coz time passes so freaking quickly…

My plan is something that goes like this:

Try not to complain too much, we have more than what we deserve
Thank god for all the advantages that we have
Try not to be too negative
Cheer up
Loosen up a little
Don’t let others change my mind
Stick to what I want

Maybe this way I will in control of my mood swings.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Mac and PC shortcuts for Photoshop CS3

Here's some handy Mac and PC shortcuts for Photoshop CS3 - organized into four pages, by menu, as well as alphabetically by key. They're available in 2 PDF downloads - one for mac and one for PC.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

20 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Mac

1. Everything works
On a Mac, everything works. Apple makes their own hardware and software. With a Windows PC you've got hundreds of companies building and packaging hardware. The result : you never know what to expect, and that's one of the reasons why PCs are so unstable. With a mac, you get a stable operating system running on a stable hardware platform. Everything just works.

2. They're Sexy
Macs are the shizzle. Nobody designs hardware like Apple. Macs make the heads turn. They make the best looking computers, period. They're sleek, sexy, slim, fashionable and cool.

3. They're Fast

Macs are so much faster than PCs. OSX is a fast operating system and extremely lightweight when compared to Windows XP and Vista. Fast startups and fast shutdowns. You only need 1 gig of ram to run OSX, whereas you need a minimum of 2 Gig or more to run Vista. 1 Gig of Ram on my Mac makes my Mac run much faster than 4 Gig of Ram on Vista. Add more ram and OSX runs even faster.

What's more is that the Macbook pros runs Windows XP and Vista faster than any other laptops out there. (As tested by CNET) Add a fast operating system to a superb hardware platform and you have a system who's performance is hard to beat.

4. OSX : The best OS
As stated in the previous points, OSX is fast and stable. But that's not all. OSX is the easiest operating system to use, and it is just as sleek as the hardware. Apple is renowned for designing the best interfaces. If you've ever used Itunes, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

5. Stability : No more blue screens Say goodbye to bluescreens and reboots. OSX is built on Unix. This means stability.

6. Viruses? What's that?
No need to spend your money on expensive anti-virus software. Viruses are just about non existent on macs. Because OSX is such a stable operating system that is built on Unix, viruses are ineffective on a mac and best left for the PC. Enough said.

7. Spotlight
If you're ever looking for something on your mac, it's always just one click away. Unlike searching for something on your PC (which takes ages and brings everything to a near standstill), spotlight is super fast and easy to use.

8. Backups : Time Machine
The new standard for backup software : Time Machine. It just works, and it's simple to use. Your entire harddrive is backed up, and thereafter incremental backups are made. Time machine's interface allows you to restore incrementally or completely at any point in time through aeasy to use interface.

9. Ease of Use
The easiest OS to use, period. Unix is for geeks and the PC is clunky to use. On a mac everything is super easy to use - even your mother can use a mac. A new mac comes with automated install which takes no longer than 15 minutes to setup. A Windows PC can easily take half a day to setup, while you need to be a whizz kid to install and use Unix. There simply is no OS that is as easy to use as MAC OSX Leopard.

10. Installing and Uninstalling
To install something on a mac, simply unpack the installation file and drag it to your applications folder. Done.
If you want to uninstall something, just drag the application file to your trash can. Done. No waiting, no fuss.

11. Amazing Bundled Software
The Mac comes pre-bundled with powerful bundled software – all part of OSX. Compared to Windows, the functionality of OSX allows you to do so much more.

12. Run both Windows and Mac
The newer Macs on run on Intel chipsets, which means that you can run both Windows and OSX on your Mac. You can’t do that on a pc now can you?

13. Effortless Wireless
Macs makes wireless connectivity effortless and simple. Just choose your network and enter your password and you’re ready to go. On Windows you have to deal with geek jargon and technical setups to get running on wireless.

14. Expose'
You haven’t seen true multi tasking until you’ve used MAC OSX’s expose’. Like everything mac – it’s simple and easy to work with – and above all it just works.

15. Photoshop
Photoshop was designed to work with Mac. And it shows. Photoshop is more stable on the Mac and it runs much faster on the Mac, without having to add more powerful hardware.

16. Composing Music
The world’s top artists all use Mac’s Garage Band to compose and produce their own music. Mac is not only the tool of choice for Graphic Designers, but also for music artists.

17. Keynote : The best presentation software
Nothing comes close to Keynote. It’s the best presentation software out there. Al Gore used Keynote in his award winning movie “An Inconvenient Truth” for his presentations.

If you use Keynote on a Macbook, Keynote presents the current slide on the projector whilst displaying the current and next slideshows on the screen.

18. Create PDF's for free
If you want to create PDF’s in windows you have to spend money on expensive plugins. In OSX you can export to PDF from any application

19. Support
Because all the hardware and software is built by Apple, nobody offers better support than them.

20. Free Migration
If you upgrade your Mac or upgrade to a Mac from another platform, you get free data migration. That’s right. Bring in your old pc or Mac and your local Mac store will migrate all your data to your new Mac, free of charge.


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