Monday, February 7, 2011

people suck!

I am a sick of people letting me down. Finish ! I am done with it! I no longer want to be the nice kind girl, I want to be able to say no I cant or no I wont .
Its officially over people , wanna know whats over the nice kind of girl I used to be!

Why so angry? Let me tell you why.

I keep doing favors for people, and trust me I don’t ask for nothing in return all I ask for is a simple thank you in public which means only to spread my website that’s all I am asking for. Is that too much to ask?????

And the really irritating part is that they boss you like as if your working for them or that you actually got paid to do the job????? Man people these days have no shame what so ever!

Honestly ! I wish I could be the same.


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