Monday, December 28, 2009

2010 New year resolutions :)

Time passes so freaking quickly, I remember writing the 2009 “to do list” as if it was yesterday.
As for the year 2010 I am not sure I know what I want, I guess I wanna surprise myself :)

But there are some major issues I should look into like :
1. Eat healthy food
2. Exercise
3. Take care of my skin and hair
4. Look into getting laser eye surgery
5. Learn another language
6. Save money
7. Stop buying things I don’t need
8. Control what I say to prevent envy
9. Buy a new car
10. Write a story book
11. Travel more
12. Enjoy Life More
13. Reduce Stress
14. become more cost-effective
15. I will try to drive closer to the speed limit and respect traffic regulations
16. I will not bore my boss by with the same excuse for taking leaves. I will think of some more & new excuses
17. I shouldn’t worry so much
18. Either do yoga or learn how to meditate

I just want to add a couple more things that I just remembered:
  1. print some t-shirts designed by me
  2. have my own exhibition
  3. seriously update my website

    This was my 2009 “to do list” :

1. Try to relax more often - x not really

2. Forget about marriage concentrate on school - x not somehow

3. Save money and stop shopping - x hahahahah never can happen
4. Have a full body physical - x no time

5. Make more time for my friends - :) defiantly

6. Take vitamins (subscribed by a doctor) :) done

7. Cut off some bad habits like (Pepsi, ships, eating quickly “as if we are running out of food”, criticizing, buying so many unneeded stuff, and stop making overseas calls) x & :) on and off
8. Clean out my closet (give away clothes to charity) - :) ehhh kinda
9. Move out my bedroom + redesign my bedroom (makeover) -x : (

10. Make my sister take her driver’s license - :) finally

11. Give a training course - :) greatest accomplishment ever

12. Print my portfolio or my brochure and my corporate identity - x why print when you can show it online

13. Stop being Stubborn (which will be hard) - x neverrrrrrrrrrr
14. Stay during family discussions (full time) - x I finally said to my family accept me the way I am !15. upgrade my website (create an easier navigation system) - x



Sunday, December 27, 2009


Seriously I feel like sky is the limit to my ambitions , after giving my photoshop course I realized that if there is something I want in life I really have to work on it and I can make it happen, if I set my mind to it.

Doing this course was on the "2009 must do list" , and I made it just in time.
It was a huge success , I mean it!

The girls who joined more than amazing, they were so eager to learn and ask. Every single girl had a different story .
When I saw the look in their eyes , it scared me a little … the look of help us understand – which really scared me. There is a huge responsibility that relays on a teacher where he or she should try to explain in many different ways so that different minds attending a class can understand.
I swear that I have enjoyed every second of this experience , I was so lucky to have such a wonderful group. I know you might think that I am exaggerating but I swear all the girls were more than supportive and helpful , they even called me أبلة and sometime أستاذة, one time I wanted to get a pen for the white board and of the sweet girls jumped to go get it for me!!! Can you imagine how that made me feel!!

One of my friends who was with my during the preparation period told me that she was really impressed by me , and thought that I did a great job.

There are a lot of wonderful stories in this past week , I don’t know where to start, so I decided to put them in points :

1. Your support was and is what’s keeping me going ;)
2. I was freaking out my sister really was working as a great support system for me.
3. My mom was really proud of me , which made me feel like a million dollors
4. My best friend Aseela, surprised me with a visit and flowers that match my Photoshop Course theme colors
5. I was surprised by the kindness/sweetness of my new found friends (A) and (F) they shocked me with their thoughtfulness and support .
6. I got flowers from a student thanking me for letting her enjoy a course for the first time
7. I got a cake yet from another student – who said that she finally knew what she wants to be “a designer”
8. The doing of the homework was really impressive
9. The calling me Abla was just remarkable
10. Apologizing for being late made be speechless , it just showed respect even though I was younger from some
11. I was so worried that they might get bored so I focused on making the class vibrant and alive, and I felt that the girls enjoyed that.
12. Thank you Mr. Ibrahim , Mr. Ahmad and of course Nada for making all this happen
13. Last but least my lady GaGa for preparing everything on time and always smiling

Just to rap things up, thanks to everyone who help make my training course a success !

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Never stop thinking!

I can never stop thinking these days, a lot on my mind . sometimes you don’t think before you talk lol! Remember my word vomit problem. Well it seems that I don’t give my brain the time it needs to think before saying something. Nowadays I can’t sleep because I have a lot on my mind. I have so many projects I don’t know where to start or how to start! Bas don’t worry about me I am a big girl!

I thought if anything I should teach myself to stop think so I googled "stop thinking" and this is what I found , incase you were having the same problem as mine. Generally it's good to think
before we speak or act, but sometimes we think so much that we don't speak or act at all (paralysis by analysis) and all that thinking breeds anxiety.
This article will offer some advice to help you know when it's time to stop thinking and move on.


1. Know when thinking becomes thinking too much. Thinking is something we need to do in order to survive, so it's hard sometimes to judge when we're doing too much of it (not unlike eating!). A good rule of thumb is that you know you're thinking to much when you start thinking the same thoughts over and over again (ruminating).

2. Meditate. If you feel like you don't know how to stop thinking, you need to learn what it's like to "let go" of your thoughts, so that it's something you can do deliberately. Imagine that thinking is like breathing; you do it all the time, without even realizing it. But if you need to, you can hold your breath. Meditating will help you learn how to hold your thoughts.

3. Put your thoughts down on paper. Thinking is a mental tool that is ideally used to analyze our options objectively. So on a piece of paper or on a computer, define a problem, write down your options, and list the pros and cons for each option. Seeing your thoughts in front of you like that will also help you stop cycling through them in your head. Once you can't think of anything more to write, your mind has done its job, and it's time to stop thinking.

- Follow Your Intuition. If two or more options seem equally appealing, thinking more will not make things clearer. This is where you listen to something deeper.
- Ask for advice. You may have exhausted your own thinking power, but someone else might be able to offer a different perspective that makes the decision clearer.

4. Act. At this point, you've used your mind, you've listened to your gut, and you've gotten a second opinion. Now you must Be Bold. Odds are, if you think too much, it's because your fears get the best of you, and you don't want to mess up. But there comes a point where you have to "poop or get off the pot"!

5. 5 Live in the Moment. Once you've resolved the thinking process, and taken action, focus your awareness on the here and now. Your mind will be tempted to pore over your decision, making you doubt yourself and worry, but what's done is done. Stop Worrying and Start Living.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dubai … Dubai … Dubai … sa3adaa!!

Remember the song where they use to sing and say Dubai … Dubai … Dubai … sa3adaa!!
Well it is truly sa3ada, everyone is smiling , everyone is more than happy to help… madree if it was coz it was eid or are they always that happy.
Anyways I have to give credit that man!! they are so good in organizing events! They not only thought of everything they even prepare valet parking for the VIP in the national day celebration so that the cars wont create a mess! Man! that was great!


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