Tuesday, February 26, 2008

If you ever want to lose something just give it to me!

lol ...oooh look at me ... i am from thr secret service!!!
what u lookin at????
I think this plane needs a make over!! it looks too old , so why not?? is there not enough oil money to redo the "Air Force one" Aircraft???

Man!!! Me and my bad luck , some people consider me to be careless that’s why I keep losing my things and others think I forget a lot . but the painful truth is this:” I really don’t know where does my mind go, or what’s occupying it most of the time?” to be honest I believe I am just carless… let me tell you what happened to me this time…

I ask my friend to drop me off to the airport , but I was a little shy to ask her to do so coz she had a car accident the day before, but she is a sweet girl so she offered me a ride… so anyways her front door on the passenger side was hit , which made it hard for me to get in so I ask our housekeeper to keep my laptop in the back seat. Anyways for the first time I got to the airport on time, when I got to the check in desk I realized I had some spare time on my hand… why not get me e-gate card (I always wanted to get one but I never had extra time coz I always arrive to the airport when they are calling on the last call…lol!!” I know… so anyways I go into the room , the lady took my picture and everything was going smoothly , so she said you must be lucky the machine usually slows down or freezes… so I told her : “ really!! Allah yester wesh be9eer feeny alyoum!!” walla that’s what I said . so anyways I am proud going through the e-gate passing everyone behind. FYI once you cross the gate there is no way out ! so when I got through …. I was like oooooooooooooooooooooh noooooooooooooooooooooooo where is my laptop??!!!! Ooooh my god I forgot it somewhere!!! But hey ! I don’t remember carrying it ???!! ooooooooooooooooh nooooooooooooo its in Amal’s car!!???

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan I should kill myself, so I run to my gate and ask them how much do I still have before we have to get on the plane ? she was like you have only half an hour…

What was I to do??? Just I let it go? How was I gonna study???? Hmmmm so I called Amal and asked her nicely (not really) if she could plllllz pretty plz get my laptop… I was sooooo ashamed to do so coz she just arrived to her house… I swear I can hear my heart beating , so she was like ok I will get it… so I waited and waited… I was like my god what am I gona do if she gets here and I have to board the plane , she will kill me… anyways she makes it… I owe her alooooot…

Imagine they even called on my name coz I was making the plane late :p lol …3ady eash da3wa ma3ndhom 9abor :P

So I get on the plane , I didn’t even sit yet , and the pilot was like” we are very sorry to inform you this but Bahrain’s international airport is closed at the moment for some security reasons and the flight is being delay for further notice…. Ok whyyyyy did they call on my name if they new already that the airport was closed ??? like I needed more bad luck??

It turns out to be that Mr. George Bush was arriving to Bahrain , and ofcourse its ok to delay everyone else for his sake … offfff…

So when we landed I saw Air Force One with the secret service surrounding the plane …AS IF!!

Almohim my friend was suppose to pick me up from the airport , but she couldn’t make it coz there were too many cars, and we have a test at 6 and it was already 4, anyways I take a limo and head to my hotel… everything was ok then….

But oooof I wanted to kill her heheheheheh …women!!! We went to a restaurant and we were eating soooo quickly as if we hadn’t eaten for ages …lol!!

Want to know why women should drive here is a very good reason…

She took us to this very crowed street filled with traffic lights , which we took 3 red light and waited, then she realized that that was the wrong street…eaaaash 3ogbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa????? I started to panic…imagine after all this we get lost?? But nooo my friend wants to go to the same street she usually uses coz she is afraid of getting lost , so it was like start point which she only knows …Anyways we get there on time… and we start our exam… thank god I we made there on time… and I actually did pretty good.

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