Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mood Swings

I am sick of waiting , sick of asking, sick or pretending , sick of thinking positive, ya3nee I just want to just turn my brain off for at least a month.

You know …live the moment coz time passes so freaking quickly…

My plan is something that goes like this:

Try not to complain too much, we have more than what we deserve
Thank god for all the advantages that we have
Try not to be too negative
Cheer up
Loosen up a little
Don’t let others change my mind
Stick to what I want

Maybe this way I will in control of my mood swings.


Delicately Realistic said...

The moment u stop complaining and start saying il7amdillah more often ull notice a big change in ur life ;> it worked very well for me.

Anonymous said...

I know..its amazing... you sometimes when i was to safely remove my USB - it gives me this erroe message saying can't be removed . so then i have to log off and log in again so that i can safely remove it. and walla walla the minute i say "yarab bismialla" its unplugs easily wallah..

anyways thanx for the advice :)


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