Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Amazing Ramadan commercials

goose bombs! goose bombs! goose bombs! all those amazing commercials on the all different channels MBC or sama Dubai , it was just heart breaking and very touching .. great commercials… really we should have more of those…

so I will let you see for your self

du Ramadan 2008 Corporate TV- Stairs

du Ramadan Corporate TVC- Shoes

Zain - Ramadan AD


Maryam said...

Thanx Razan for those ads...they are really touching... I almost cried on the one for the stairs...
thanks I really love your blog..

keep up the good wrok :)

بدر said...

وايد انا معجب بك..وموقعك حتى الاضافات واللي تكتبينه..

مشالله شخصية متميزة


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