Friday, September 26, 2008

Very Offensive Zain TV commercials!!

If anyone knows what were there intensions with those ads please let me know...

In my opinion I think they are very offensive, are they actually saying that women are objects????? and that they are very easily replaced????

And any women??? Older women??? Our mothers?? or grandmothers???

I believe they need some new ideas which have to be way better than the ones you put out there.

I think a lot of people should complain. You need something happy and funny not offensive!!!!

Listed below are the youtube videos that references the Very offensive TV commercial!!

Zain Mobile Backup - Broken Phone?

Zain Mobile Backup - Your mobile shutting off randomly?

Zain Mobile Backup - New mobile phone?


mïcrozÒóm said...

والله ما إنتبهت من دعايات الشركة إلا اليوم... والل مو كاسر خاطري إلا العجوز..

إللي أضحكني كثير يوم العجوز تشوف التلفزيون وإذا واحد معلق يشبه مهند، عاد المسكينة إستحت وتغطت عنه
خانت حيلي والله

Snake said...

Offensive it is. However, offensive is usually funny...

Have you seen any of the commercials for Melody Tunes?

Razan Suliman said...

thanx you guys....microzoom thanx for passing by...I hate NOOR o Mohand oo all the turkey shows...الحمدالله ماشفتهم ولا أبغى اشوفهم

Snake ...thanx for passing by but I couldn't understand them in the first place to find them funny... to me they are only offensive....very offensive...

Anonymous said...

they are very offensive


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