Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Blogging from the United States (Day ?)


mïcrozÒóm said...

واضح من الصور إنك ما تزعلين نفسك مع الأكل.
عليك بالعافية وترجعين لنا بالسلامة.
بس شو سبب الزيارة؟

Anonymous said...

razaaaaaaaaan i love this pix and i miss u like hell
enjoy ur time sweety as much as u can and say hi to ur family
luv u

Razan Suliman said...

loool!!!microzoom I love to eat... it one main thing in my vacation is to try different kinds of food...

we were just visiting ...change of scenary.. :)

Razan Suliman said...

heeeeeeeeeeeey amaaaaaaaaaaaaal i miss u girl :* :*... i am have aloot of fun ...wait untill i upload the photos i took yesterday :)

love ya


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