Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My latest business trip to Dubai :)

I just got back from Dubai , it was different… I didn’t think that Dubai can change that quickly …mashallah!

Anyways it was beautiful, the people there are so generous …but for some reason my phone wouldn’t let me call or text which really irritated me… although it worked just fine the US, and to make matters worse I thought it was coz the network was DUE and it wouldn’t let me change the net work to etisalat.. which made me extra mad. So any ways I was suppose to make a phone call to inform the people that were expecting me that I have arrived… and I couldn’t lol..as usual bad luck is like my best friend :P I actually miss it when I am feeling lucky:P

Anyways I get a new sim card from etisalat , but I still need to wait like for an hour to half to have start working! So I am stuck , I try to find a pay phone and to my shock I have to buy a card with 30 dirham’s to make a simple phone call…anyways after this whole mess I manage to call and find them and head to my hotel… thank god!!

It was a really exciting business trip…thanks to dubai…

I stayed in ruffles hotel it was really beautiful… enjoy the photos!!


maryiam said...

wow it is an amazing Hotel!!
how much was it per night??

Anonymous said...



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