Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thank god for being a Muslim and an Arab

As Muslim people we were brought up to be kind respectful people. We respect all mankind older or younger , men or women, Muslim non Muslim.
We were brought to be polite to others, polite to neighbors, very very polite to our guests.

See Islam is not only about praying and fasting it is a religion that teaches a person to become a well behaved respected person.

I believe I have experienced the good and the bad of human behavior, I have seen how kids treat their parent in the United States and thank god a million times to have raised in an Arab country with an Arab culture and society. Of course the society does make a difference but so do the parents.

Muslim parents in America have a huge responsibility and obligation toward their kids, they are responsible about the way their kids react and behave in front of other, how they speak, whether they respect others or no.

I have witnessed this horrible situation where the father doesn’t have time (or let’s put it this way) doesn’t make time to raise his kid. So the kid ends up raising himself , but still this doesn’t mean that the kid should turn the way he did. There are a lot of people who didn’t have parents and still managed to become decent people.

So all I can say is thank god for how my parents raised me.
I swear I would rather fear my parents than act like those ridiculous kids I met there.
Obeying you parents is way better than being disrespectful. But for some reason in the US disrespect seems to be the cool way to be raised these days.

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