Sunday, December 7, 2008

Do we need commercials to remind us with Islamic Ethics??

Have Mercy campaigns... do we really need commercials to remind us of how we should be as Muslims?

I guess we do... people actually noticed that we have changed and we need something to remind us of how we should treat people and how we handle things?

Did Muslims forget Islamic ethics? Do we need reminders? Did life change us so badly that we actually need to be reminded every now and then?

it is so sad to see these commercials because they only indicate that we are becoming monsters that we need the TV to teach us how to become more of a human being!!

this is an anti abuse/racism campaign and thought I would share it, in case anybody forgot what a normal human being should not be like ...There are three different versions ..

Please remember what Islam is really about


mïcrozÒóm said...

What a shame.. We really need more commercials to remind us our ethics; because, I see a lot in my life! god forgive us.

Razan Suliman said...

yes you r so right!! Muslim people forgot how to be nice?? that they need to be reminded...

allah ye3een...if today this how we
are, what is coming tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

hi Raz, I'm truly impressed with your progressive views and ideas, its very rare these days. Keep it sweetie.
the wife looooved the thing, thanks a bunch.

Desert-Roses said...

The sec commercial ..I liked the gesture of maid..when she rose her head up..and then the sentence "yar7amokom man fe al sama2" appeared..
very visualy strong...!!!

and regarding your views..
no comment babe...

Razan Suliman said...

thanx Desert-Rose...ya the gesture was very real!

my view to this was that i was sad that we need to me reminded of good human kindness which we seem to have lost...


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