Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It’s a NEW YEAR EVERY ONE … inshalla :P

As for year 2009 my “to do list” goes something like this:

1. Try to relax more often
2. Forget about marriage concentrate on school
3. Save money and stop shopping
4. Have a full body physical
5. Make more time for my friends
6. Take vitamins (subscribed by a doctor)
7. Cut off some bad habits like (Pepsi, ships, eating quickly “as if we are running out of food”, criticizing, buying so many unneeded stuff, and stop making overseas calls)
8. Clean out my closet (give away clothes to charity)
9. Move out my bedroom + redesign my bedroom (makeover)
10. Make my sister take her driver’s license
11. Give a training course
12. Print my portfolio or my brochure and my corporate identity
13. Stop being Stubborn (which will be hard)
14. Stay during family discussions (full time)
15. upgrade my website (create an easier navigation system)

I am so proud of who I am today, I believe I have made some great things this year. I feel so good about myself … thank you god …

This was my 2008 must do list, and I believe I have accomplished….hmmmm… most of it
1. Get married - x not even close
2. Make more time for studying- :) done
3. Really look into this - starting my own business…- x tired but there was no time
4. Exercise – hahahahhahaha…yah right!
5. Make more time for my mom - :) done
6. Put an eye on my brother - :) done
7. Stop drinking redbull - :) done (at least not that often)
8. Write down the things I want, have to do, must remember, who to call, what to do next. - :)done (with flying colors) so proud of myself
9. Learn how to drive better - :) done (so far so good)
10. Learn some math lol! - X (getting there)
11. Know my right hand from my left hand without taking a minute to think (I sound like a blonde) - X still facing the same problem
12. I don’t have a lot of things for this year, at least at the moment


عادل الرمضان said...

Hope you get full mark 15/15 for this year :P

But if someone apply you for a marriage, the list will be upside down!

Any way, I wish you all the best in this year.. and every year!

Good luck,

Anonymous said...

I like resolution #5 ;) and i think i myself should start working on #7
I wish u all the best this year and every year my bestest of best friends :D


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