Monday, February 23, 2009

Ablaze tanker disrupts traffic

Fire rages from the tanker at the accident spot near Al Waab Interchange. Photo by Gulf Times reader Liezl LourensA Woqod tanker carrying gasoline caught fire after it rolled over near Al Waab Interchange yesterday. No one was injured in the mishap, a Woqod source said. The driver who jumped to safety has, however, been admitted to hospital for “observation”.Civil defence personnel rushed to the spot and brought the blaze under control.

Woqod sources confirmed there was a “small gasoline leak”, which could have sparked the fire. But they did not explain how or why the gasoline-filled tanker rolled over. “The incident is being investigated and we will take corrective action if needed,” a source said.

Woqod said it successfully trans-shipped the gasoline in the vehicle that caught fire to another tanker, thus preventing the spread of the blaze.A company official complimented the civil defence department for its “exemplary job” and said the fire fighters “brought the situation under control as quickly as possible”. An eyewitness said some hoardings on either side of Al Waab Interchange were destroyed in the fire.The blaze disrupted traffic in the locality leading to a huge pile up of vehicles on roads that lead to Al Waab Interchange and Khalifa Stadium.

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