Tuesday, February 17, 2009


While I was driving to work , I noticed that there was something in my eye so I put my sun visor down to see what was in my eye...so anyways got the thing out . I looked to my left and I see a girl school bus filled with little girls, and they are all stairing :) which was kind of sweet!
after I noticed them I smiled at them and they all started waving hi to me... it was a great feeling yet strange... what did I do that made me look special to them? and want to say hi to me !!!
for the first time ever... I felt I was older... I felt like oh my god! I am driving... I am going to work... I am wearing lipstick... and there is no one that can stop me ... coz I am older now :)

I guess it was that I was a little girl like them one day... and I remember when I was little I used to lookup to other older girls too... waiting eagerly to grow up...crazy huh!! and now I just want to be younger =p

it was really nice ...I love kids...thanks girls!

I got these lovely chocolates from a friend at work, who insisted to get me something from Paris ... he was so kind to get me those chocolates...thanks F.


its soo Paris!

can u believe all this excitement happened in a day, I was in a bad mood and everything around me was trying to cheer me up, whether it’s was the school bus or the chocolates... can u imagine these days i get up at 6 and leave the house at 6.30 and every now and then I crave donuts. So I went to dunkin donuts, I was running a little late anyways so I thought why not get something to eat. but as my luck always shines they don’t have fresh donuts so early... so I was like maaaan I want some sugaaaaaaaaaaar!!

I was annoyed bas I thought yallaaa... less calories...

then my mom calls me while I was in my office and says to me Razan come out I have to give you something before I go home... so I rush out thinking what’s going on??
so I head out, and to my surprise! she got me freshly baked donuts... she didn’t even know I went to the store today and didn’t find any... isn’t that amazing... I guess a mothers heart always knows...

thanks mama...love ya ...

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