Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Copy cat logos 2

I guess this is it... we all do it... but we try not to make it sooooo obvious ... take a look at the logos below! 

alot of logos are just copycats - where are the copy rights?

ok maybe some of them are just similar but still , this doesnt give them the right to do so !

do people not care of such important matters... its the company's profile , identity! if the identity is originally stolen what can we say about the company it self?

but dont blame the company blame the designers! shame on them...


عادل الرمضان said...

Can you add the old nokia logo to the group before the last one!


Razan Suliman said...

thank you Adel :) you are probably the only one who adds a comment :(

but which group I should add it to ? the one with the Qatar Science & Technology Park, or the Amwal? coz I couldnt see the similarity?

thank you again :)

عادل الرمضان said...

Belong to group where the Qatar Science & Technology Park in. epically to "partner in excellence".

Anonymous said...



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