Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Traffic Violations

Who do I feel like I am getting picked on by the Mroor police ??

I have mashlla completed 5 years of driving and I never got a ticket , and then boom! 3 in one year !!! how annoying is that … now that my license has expired does this mean I have to pay all at once ?


WiseOne said...

Have fun paying.
I think everyone is out to get you, raz.

Have fun hiding! lol

Razan Suliman said...


tell me about it !!! its soo annoying!! is there no one else out there but me ???

lol !! just kidding i deserve those tickets=p

thanks for passing by :)

عادل الرمضان said...

والله المبالغ جامدة أوي
خصوصاً أبو الإشارة
الإشارة بالسعودية أعتقد المخالفة بـ 1000 ريال مع توقيف لمدة ثلاثة أيام

شدي حيلك بالمرة الجاية

Razan Suliman said...

الله يعين انشالله مافي مرة جاية

لووول اتمنى اتوقف ثلاث ايام ابغى الفكة من السواقة

شكررررا على المرور


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