Thursday, April 22, 2010

the horor!!!

Yesterday was a terrible day for me , see I was getting ready for work and as usual my cat BissBiss chooses to mess around so she decided that today will be the day she becomes superman ! and she chooses to cross the stairs from the stairs that take you up to the stairs that take you down , so the smart cat assumed it was a piece of cake , and though to herself : “huh! I did it !then to my shock she was trying to hang on and I can see her trying to use her paws and nails to hang on , but the floor was marble not carpet !!! smart cat!! I couldn’t look I was in shock , it was like I froze in my place not knowing what to do . It all took like two seconds. I couldn’t look I was like noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bissbissssssss noooooooo!

Then baaaaaang!!

She fell !:( I went running down the stair screaming bissbissssssssss!!!! My sister was like is she dead??? Is she dead???? When I reached down stairs ألحمدالله bissbiss was fine but of course I was covered in tears , I held her in my arms and I was “mama bissbiss are you hurt? Tell mama where it hurts?” then Gaga was like” madam she is a cat , she is built to jump and fall from high places!” I said to her:” yes!!! If she knew she was gona jump!!! But she fell!!! Its not like she planned it!!!” so I watched her walk … no limping or anything I am sure she was just surprised! Just like I was! It was the worst feeling ever standing there feeling worthless!!! It took two seconds I was looking at her thinking ooooh nooo what is she doing???? Then I was oh my god what if she falls???? Oooooof it was the worst two seconds everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

even my mom was in shock she rushed off her bed to see what happened!

I spoiled bissbiss yesterday , I bought her a fresh chicken just for her! She is a happy cat now :P

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