Monday, April 26, 2010

A Lady Begging For A Chanel Shoe !


The Story: A nice and elegant young woman suffers an anxiety attack because she wants to buy Chanel shoes ! But her husband had cut the access to the credit card and she had no money. She tries to convince the pedestrians so that they give her some help (money). She extracts a lipstick from her purse Louis Vuitton and writes in a cardboard "Payment For Chanel".
Please do me a huge favor and click on the link HILARIOUS ..
Ps: It was all an act by Yolanda Dominguez. The idea initiated to talk about consumerism and how fashion affects our lives .


عادل الرمضان said...

أفكر أطرّ على آي باد :)

Anonymous said...

love this satire =)


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