Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sex and the City 2 banned from UAE

The movie will not be shown in the emirate!

It was announced Wednesday (19May) that Sex and the City 2: Carrie On will not be shown in the UAE. Local reports have confirmed rumours that the movie which is set in Abu Dhabi, but filmed in Morocco has officially been banned from being released in movie theatres across the emirate.

The National Media Council (NMC) has concluded that there are numerous reasons as to why the film will not be allowed to be viewed here. "Among them are that the film’s website stated that filming was done in Abu Dhabi even though they were denied permission to do so and that they continue to attribute the locations shot in Morocco as being in Abu Dhabi, which is false, as the theme of the film does not fit with our cultural values,” said NMC. “Also, they persisted in using Abu Dhabi’s name in the movie despite the fact that no official permission was given to them to do so."

Sex and the City 2 starring Sarah Jessica Parker premieres in London on Thursday (20May) and will be released worldwide on May 27. Fans of the flick in the UAE will just have to Carrie On.

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