Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tikka - I like it Spicy!

Remember the guy from the Tikka commercial - and on the logo as well wouldn’t it be cool to find out who the “I like it spicy” guy was, what happened to him and how he looked like today?

The actor who played the “I like it spicy” character was Galal Zaki. He wasn’t an actor, he worked in the ad agency that came up with the idea. Like Alfred Hitchcock, Galal liked to star in his own work and that’s how he ended up becoming the Tikka guy. the picture below is of Galal Zaki which I found on Google and is dated 2007. Although a lot older now you can still see some resemblance.

Today Galal Zaki is the CEO of Perception Communication in Egypt. He was also recently awarded the Rameh IAA Lifetime Achievement Award.
this is the commercial if you guys remember =p

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