Wednesday, August 18, 2010

emails like this what keeps me going :)

Every now and then I receive an email that reminds me why I love graphic design so much, it feels amazing when I receive and email whether it was a compliment or a request or even just to provide my opinion y3nee really I love every email.

So people thank you so much …


Anonymous said...

halaa ya Razaan,

all what sister Do2aa said is true walaa. you are so talented n amazing designer, i'm one of your old fans n i would love to be like one day, bs i know i'm not smart n genius designer like you:P you better keeep the good work up n always cheer up with new designs.


Razan Suliman said...

habibty ya Mahaaa, really thanks so much ... I am blushing :*

your words....Straight to my heart walla ...
muwaaaah muwaaaah


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