Thursday, October 14, 2010

something so simple yet so hard!

Lately I have been getting really irritated by so many things happening , and the issue here is that they are not happening to me but they are happening to other, and I cant help but get involved. Not because I get ask to get involved it just happens. So anyways I have decided that in order for me to get it out of my system I will type it down rather than share with people who might actually get irritated by me sharing.

Story number 1:
Someone at work got an approval to bring his wife and daughter to Qatar , so the person in charge of bringing the visa from the General Directorate of Border – Passports and Expatriates Affairs got the visa , with the wrong passport number. Now we all know that the passport number is a combination of both letters and numbers. If a number or a letter is missing the complete number is considered wrong. And this is a well known – common sense typa thing!

So anyways the ”mandoob” brings the visa with the wrong passport number – and when you try to explain to him that it is wrong he says: “its only a missing letter , it won’t be a big deal” I am like :” excuse me!! It’s a completely major issue!!! Are you kidding me??? The passport number is wrong??? How is that not a big deal???”
So anyways he goes back to the passports affairs returns with a new visa , and to my shock it has a spelling mistake in the passport’s holder name???!!

I mean common!!! How hard could it be to type something from something right in front of you? I mean your suppose to give a dam in such matters???shheeeeesh!!

Long story short – no body cares!

I go to the head section and I tell him what happened , and he was like take it easy its my responsibility if anything happens I will take care of it. “if anything happens!!!” ok WHY wait till something happens why not do it right from the beginning !!

The mandoob keeps complaining that “no finish I am not going to fix the spelling mistake he wants it fixed, let him go do it!” He said the officer at the passports affairs said to him if he comes back one more time , that the officer was going to reject the visa!

Hmmmm if I was in charge I was going to fire that officer for the following reasons:
1. Ammm!!! you cant reject someone’s visa coz you just to want to !
2. You can’t place a threat to someone
3. It’s your spelling mistake! Idiot!!!!

The husband of the women who is suppose to get the visa , was worried that what if she flies all the way to Qatar and when she gets to the airport the airport officials reject her entry because her visa doesn’t match her passport?? So he goes to Qatar airways, and they say no, you have to fix that!

I mean if the people of the General Directorate of Border – Passports and Expatriates Affairs were the ones who issued the wrong visa!!! Whose to blame if la sama7a allah something happens????? the officials don’t even care?????

story number 2 ...coming soon!

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