Wednesday, March 12, 2008

An act of kindness provides you happiness.

A random act of kindness benefits everyone. Random acts of kindness show you respect and love others.
An act of kindness next time you're driving? Yes! Give way, step off that pedal and let someone else go first. You'll feel good. Try tipping that poor soul and feel the warmth inside. I would say the giver is rewarded most. Meanness in spirit keeps you trapped in a world filled with worry and stress. Give and be freed!

Sometimes you can become so wrapped up in your own world and desire for success and happiness that you close yourself to others. Here's an important principle to improving your life:

If you want to receive focus on giving. Give more of yourself to others, love more and be kind. Care about the success of others and help them. By doing this you open yourself up to receive all that you desire to be happy.

These principles are all to do with giving. Giving is all about showing your appreciation for someone. Take time to thank your friends, your teacher, your colleague for their time and their support.

Show someone you care!


AmaL said...

my lovely friend,
first i have to tell u that i wrote the longest comment ever and it all got deleted so i'm typing it all over bad.
i have to tell u that i'm a big fan of your website and i just LOVE the new designs and colors, i love how messy and colorful u are with ur designs, it's just so you.
if one day i open my own company inshallah, i will take all my designs from here akeeed :D
and about that article, it's actually so true, even when u do the smallest nice thing to person it just makes u feel good that u put a smile on someone's face or u made their life easier even for a second. it's important to learn how to give and i think ur the greatest giver i ever met
keep it up girl
luv u

Ora said...

Well said.


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