Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I got pranked today!

Imagine what they did to me…..

I was in my boss’s office and we discussing something related to work, anyways… so they were facing some difficulties with a user’s machine where he couldn’t access some systems and they wanted to test whether I could on my machine , so anyways I allowed them , when I got back to my office I got this message where it says, YOUR MACHINE HAS BEEN HACKED … AND ALL YOUR DATA WILL BE LOST… IN THE PROCESS OF DELETING YOUR DATA… SAY GOOD BYE TO YOUR DATA… YOUR MACHINE HAS BEEN FORMATED NOW … so I run to the network admin running walla L and I tell him, he said see Razan how many times do I tell u not plug ur USB to the machine connected to the server… and he was sooooo mean that he told I will write an email forbidding u from using ur personal USBs at work…

So I was like oh my god I am getting fired today… I go back to my office … and I see this other note where it says… happy Aprils fool… this was an Aprils fool prank … so I started to run to the network administrator … I wanted to kill him …but of course I can’t… I was never ever pranked this good before…thumbs up to haris :P

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