Thursday, April 3, 2008

Betrayal of a husband.

Imagine after two pure loving years, this couple fought for their love. The girl fought with her parents and threatened to kill herself for the sake of her love for this man. This man that was suppose to love her, protect her, save her from the world. After a long battle with her parents and all of her suicide attempts, they finally surrender to her needs and allowed her to marry this man.

All it took was a month … everything went down the hill… only one month and he sold her gold which he bought for her… one month and he sold all of her furniture which he bought with dept money. It took her like about 19 days after the date of marriage to find out that she is pregnant, from a man which she is finding out day by day that he is a liar. She was what we call it these days blind folded with love.

She was head of heels in love with this man, and day by day she finds out another lie or another betrayal from him.

She thinks to herself, “oh my god , I am pregnant from a liar, a man who was someone and turns out to be someone else”. What can a girl do in a situation like this, while being pregnant from him.

After 3 years of marriage and a baby boy, she can’t stand him, he can’t stand her. Every day she wishes that he would drop dead. So would he. Sad isn’t it!

Could real love change into hate? Is it possible that after all what they went through they would hate each other?
My answer… defiantly!!

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Dina said...

love will never turn into hate, if it did then there was no love from the beginnings it was a weak love, deceived, probably a love for a reason, desire .. !! and after they had or he had what he wanted .. all the fantasies turns into a living hell.

you know the person who loves from the things he does for you.

and love is blind :)


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