Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It’s been almost two months since the last I had RED BULL

Congratulation ya razan on this accomplishment!!

Although it’s been really hard, I have been occupied with a lot of projects lately which makes me crave Red bull even more, but al7amullah I managed not to even take a sip of this terrible\addictive\harmful drink.

This is a call out loudly to all those who drink Red Bull:

I use to have a lot of pain like all the time, and thank god it’s all gone now.

I use to have pain in my knees, my bones and my joints not to forget all those horrible stomach aches.

Oooooh!!! Also all those heart burns I use to get before…

Walla after I stopped drinking Red Bull all this went away. So this it to all those who love Red Bull and still drink it… STOP drinking it , it is really a dangerous drink not an energy drink. I think we should rename it into a slowly killing drink…

Sorry Red Bull, I know I really loved you… but you backstabbed me…

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Dina said...

it's naturally if you are addicted it will hurt you!! addiction is no good =) I still drink (Sugar Free Red Bull) but no addiction. not even the things that happens to you! girl were you drinking like (3 cans a day) !!!! C'mon (kel shai yezeed 3an 7adda...etc) ..

other than that it's called (Energy Drink) so it's not made for your neither us => it's for people who use a lot of energy like sports and so even mentally :P

aham shai you're in good health and no to ruin your beauty ;)


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