Monday, June 30, 2008

So we are all corrupted!

So there are a lot of things going around these days that you can’t actually believe that they are happening. People have became to rode and thoughtless towards others. Racism has became the main issue for people who fight , depending on the nationality, skin color and wealth. I thought we as Muslims are considered to be brothers and sisters?

I have heard more than a story that really bothered me, thank god nothing happened to me but the thought of it happening to me just brings butterflies to my stomach.
Don’t get me wrong.. all I am say is that some people actually treat other with disrespect due to their nationality … how mean is that?

This is what I call corruption in the moral values …

Now let’s get to the corruption, by all means there is corruption everywhere. There are Specific types of corruption, whether it was political corruption, economic corruption, corruption in the industry , medical corruption, domestic corruption, educational corruption. Everywhere!
I believe that what plays a big role on corruption is mainly the wa96a now that is what I call corruption.

It is so sad to know that people who are corrupted are those who get ahead and get promoted, and when you have proof that they are corrupted you can’t do anything about it coz they have what we call wa96a. when I want to speak out and say what’s going on people tell me, do hate your life? Do you want make ur life a living hell? Be quit and it will pass… and the even sadder part is that the people they report to are corrupted too.

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