Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I love my brother and I hate driving !

See every now and then something (that only happens to me) happens !! yesterday I was on my way home and I had to stop some place first. So I park my car and go . as I got back , I try to turn my engine on, and nothing!

What!!! In this heat!!! You choose not to work??

Anyways I don’t know anything regarding cars?? Every time I need to fill my car with gas I wonder which side the gas thingy is !!

So to my horror , I didn’t know how to open the hood of my car, I didn’t know where the battery is located…sheesh!! It was embarrassing!!

Neither did a couple of guys who tried to help me. One man actually said :” sayaritk ‘3areeba 3ajeeba!!”

So anyways to make matters worse , I didn’t know how to give my brother directions !! looool!! Bas thankfully my brother is smart and managed to find me and rescue me :)

long story short... it turns out that I did something with the steering wheel or something...inshalla everything will be fine!!!

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