Thursday, June 11, 2009

I am freeeeeeeee!!!

I am freeeeeeee noooo more exams...finally I am free to do what I want... I am sooooo excited that I am actually blogging from my iPod touch, I couldn't wait to get back to my hotel to post my happiness :)

There are alot of things I have to eu guys ready to know what they are?
1. Color my hair
2. Email people back
3. Get back to my projects
4. Update moooooore
5. Go back to my gym
6. Meet people I canceled on
7. Call my freinds and go out with them
8. Do something specail for myself every once in a week
9. Enjooooooooy life=p
Aloooooot more I will post later.

Love u all
Loliooooooooleeeeersh a'7eeeeeeeeraaaaaaaaaaan


ME again said...

I love u sis ..

Anonymous said...

congrats,,really nice to get rid of all the examz 4 ever :)
plz,really try to update more 'cause my friends and me wait 4 ur new updates bfare'3 el9br...
yours ,,

Graphica said...

Congratulation RAZAN & wish you all the best .............



Razan Suliman said...

hi sis...thanx u ...

he fatooma, lol i wish i finsied my exams forever.. but no not yet.. i still have a long way to go..

graphica - KaMal thank you sooo much...

you guys imagine how happy u guys made me feel :)


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