Monday, June 22, 2009


I have decided to have fun every day since my exams, what better fun but to call in Sultani and Anoud . They are my best friends :)

We made some brownie cupcakes it was amazing, the eating from the ball , the mess we made and then the baking...

Anoudi decided to mess Sultani's face with the chocolate , lol he actually loved it for like a second and then he decided to cry lol coz he is one of a kind, he actually freaked out after seeing his face... we laughed sooo badly that night.

if you ever need to have some fun just hang out with sultan! he has the best stories... sooo funny honestly with the sound effects and everything.

every time he comes over he want to paint - well there is no one to blame here but me,  bought him some water colors and some paper and every time he comes he's like " aby aswi painting" isn't that cutest thing u ever heard?

well up to a point when he decides to paint my face and hand and clothes LOL!

and I always let him ... how can I say no to that face :)

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