Monday, November 16, 2009

Best Club Sandwich in Qatar challenge !

I decided to start my own “The Best club sandwich in Qatar” competition/challenge . What I’ll do is I will try to have as much as club sandwiches as I can from different places, and then decide which place makes the best club sandwich in Doha, and people are most welcome to join this completion which will defiantly make it even better!

All you have to do is the following:

1. Go to any restaurant (must mention the name and the location)
2. Order a club sandwich
3. Snap its photo
4. Eat it
5. Tell us about it

There are no rules to picking the restaurant you can try every restaurant you want and tell us about .

If you did so you can email me the photos and what you think about it to my email and I will add it to my blog! And every time someone agrees to the this or that sandwich being one of the best , we will update and give that sandwich more points.

So what do you say ? wanna join?


Anonymous said...

as i soon i eat surlly i will join,


Anonymous said...

ya started razaan! :P

Anonymous said...

what about if we include Bahrain ? is Bendaira ok ?


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