Monday, November 16, 2009

there is no excuse for Qatar Tourism Authority mistakes on thier website

there is no excuse ... nothing!!

Ok so is Qatar Tourism Authority suppose to be accurate or nobody cares?

See you might think it’s no big deal! But when there is an event the date and the venue is the most important thing in the whole event or exhibition , imagine people coming from different countries that might actually log in to the website that should represent Qatar’s tourists interests and the latest news and events, without the fear of misleading or inaccurate information!!!

How embarrassing is that??? It’s a simple edit!!!! It’s an official website?!! All information on that website should be reliable ??

people make reservations and bookings according to the information given by the is Qatar Tourism Authority’s website, it’s a shame to see misleading information on the website , I believe it’s not hard to hire people to do the job of adding correct information or at least to double check on the information – even if the date was modified by the organizers the Qatar Tourism Authority should be the first to know!!!

The information about Exhibition – Al Fanar Expo on Qatar Tourism Authority’s website says from 20-24? And on AlFanar Expo’s website it say from 19-23???
Madree but I think its 3eeb to have such a silly yet important mistake !!!

See the snapshots from both websites
To double check here are the links

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