Tuesday, February 2, 2010

being civilized

I believe waiting in line for your turn is somehow a way of civilization, if you don't wait your turn what's the point of the numbering system!When people don't wait their turn they show disrespect to others, caring less about the rules.

I believe that the system was there for a reason , people getting upset from waiting too long and having someone who didn’t even wait pass them by?
It’s really frustrating to have to see this happen here in Qatar. I stand looking surprised and amazed by the disrespect in the line order whether it was waiting in line in a bank or even in your car. Regardless of the nationality it became a matter of culture I believe , when someone sees someone else doing it they might say to themselves :”well! I’ll do the same next time!” and there it begins!
Being civilized has everything to do with the culture you’ve been brought in, I believe that if you respect yourself you will defiantly respect others .

I read somewhere that the term “ being civilized” gradually came to define well-organized, occupationally diverse populations who had reached a high state of social, artistic, and technological achievement, not necessarily living in urban communities. Which I believe we reached . so why the ciaos?

For example yesterday I was in QNB, and there was this loooong wait! My number was 717 and the number showing on the screen was 633? But people where going to the teller without numbers no order what so ever? Yelling at the customer service for waiting so long? So the customer service would take this person to avoid complications and yelling? If anybody should be yelling , it’s us! Waiting our turn!! Am I right???if I was rude I could have asked to see the number of person who went in front of me, but I didn’t ! you know why? Coz I am civilized !

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