Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Got another flat tire!! Dam those nails!!!

every couple of months I have to replace my tires (wheels).. and frankly I am sick of it!! seriously!!!
and its not like those lazy tires come for cheap!
as usual I snap and call the baladiya and start to blame them for negligence!!! I was like" I was ok when a nail went thru my tire last year , and I was fine with it last summer, but now I am freaking pisst off!!! either do something about it or I will officially place a complaint in one of those famous websites or even call the radio show .. the guy for the baldiya was actually very nice and calm for the first time ever I actually felt better after complaining !! her deserves a medal !!
this is baboo the hero who fixed my tire for me - mahsalla he was a pro
this is the gowwi thingy they put in the tire to stop the air from coming out

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