Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Slavery in Yemen

I was in shock to know that there still was slavery in Yemen as reported by the media. I can’t believe it!! how sad ... it’s really sad!! I bet you they don’t know any better, they were brought into this world thinking that how they lived was normal because they were meant to be slaves? or the women in this case thinking it is their naseeb that's why she is quiet??! its soo sad walla so sad!!
According to Al-Jazeera: Al-Qurashi said that slaves who have absorbed cannot act as a free man which is evident in his behaviour, making him unable to lead an independent and free life. The surrounding environment does not help either, if a “slave” escape he is returned by the notaries and clerics to his “master”. He also pointed out that, families who own "slaves" use them for personal service, agriculture, and herding, as well as in fighting and the execution of “dirty jobs” which are required of them during tribal conflicts, or even against authorities.

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